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The Best Thing to Do in Sarasota During Winter

This past month, I did something I had never done before during winter in Sarasota.

With a camera and a microphone, I took my car and drove around the city to show you exactly what it looks like during what should be the coldest months of the year.

Now, I will share with you the best thing you can do to enjoy this time of the year.

The great thing about living in Sarasota is that you don't have to worry about extreme cold, and you have water nearby 24/7.

But how can you enjoy the water during winter?

Well, you have so many excellent options, from water exercises to simply sitting by the beach or a park with waterfront views. But what I did, which I had never experienced before during…

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Everything You Need to Know About Sarasota Before Moving

If you're considering moving to Sarasota, FL, in 2024, don't make a decision before checking this ultimate guide with everything you need to know about this city.

With over 500,000 residents in Sarasota County, this area made it to the top five relocation destinations in the entire country. But why is Sarasota drawing so many people here?

For me, this question can be answered by simply stating that it's because of the lifestyle.

My family and I moved here in the summer of 1999 from Massachusetts, and from that day, I witnessed the city evolve in many ways while retaining its essence and popular attractions.

The Unbeatable Sarasota Lifestyle

We can't discuss the city's…

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Discovering Sarasota's Marine Wonders: A Family Adventure at Mote Marine

I'm always looking for things to do with the family in Sarasota, and I've got something great to share with you. Today, we are talking all about something that is perfect for families in Sarasota.

It’s Mote Marine, a place that's not just a marine research facility but a treasure trove of family adventures.

Sarasota's Family Gem: The Allure of Mote Marine

As a dad who loves taking my kids on educational adventures, I’m thrilled about what Mote Marine is bringing to our community. The upcoming Mote SEA is a game-changer for family activities in Sarasota. Imagine exploring over a million gallons of seawater exhibits with your kids, delving into the mysteries…

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10 things to do at waterside place

You’ve probably heard about Waterside Place, and it’s likely you’ve been to the Sunday Farmers Market or grabbed a bite to eat at Good Liquid Brewing Company. But let me tell you, Waterside Place is a lot more than simply being home to the Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market.

Waterside Place Lakewood Ranch

If you’re not already familiar with this new entertainment hotspot, let me fill you in. Waterside Place is located barely East of I-75 off Lakewood Ranch Blvd. It is South of University Blvd and North of Fruitville Rd, residing within Lakewood Ranch’s popular new residential area of Waterside. In fact, Waterside Place is really the heart of the Waterside community. It's a hub right in the center of a residential area. An outdoor plaza, a town…

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Waterside place lakewood ranch

There’s a lot of buzz about Waterside Place. It opened in 2020 and its popularity and hype hasn’t faded since opening! Rather, it has become even more of a hotspot as expansion has continued. New businesses continue to make Waterside Place their home, and the area itself is still in the works of being completed. I think Waterside is going to be a permanent place of entertainment, a true hub for the East Sarasota community… and it’s only getting started.

Waterside Place Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch loves a good community get together. I mean, Lakewood Ranch has been designed around this principle. With schools, shopping, dining, businesses, and community intertwined amongst its real estate; Lakewood Ranch has remained a popular residential…

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5 Reasons to Move to Sarasota: Embrace Paradise on Florida's Cultural Coast

Are you considering a move to Florida? Discover the top 5 reasons to move to Sarasota! From stunning beaches to a thriving arts scene, Sarasota offers a perfect blend of paradise and culture.

Are you dreaming of a life in sunny Florida, where you can move to Sarasota and find beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and endless outdoor activities? Look no further than Sarasota, Florida's hidden gem on the Gulf Coast. In this blog, we'll explore the top 5 reasons why more and more people choose Sarasota as their ultimate relocation destination. Sarasota offers paradise and cultural richness, from its pristine beaches to its thriving arts scene.

1. Move to Sarasota…

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Big Changes Coming Soon to Sarasota: Revitalized Bayfront Park, New Schools & an Exclusive Neighborhood

Welcome to the vibrant city of Sarasota, where the magic never ceases to astound. Get ready to be swept away by the anticipation of remarkable additions set to elevate the experience of both residents and visitors.

This blog post looks at three exciting things, some are planned, some are under construction, and some are coming soon to Sarasota County. From visionary plans to projects currently under construction, the future of Sarasota is brimming with excitement. Whether you have deep roots in this captivating city, are in the process of building your dream home, or possess a curiosity for all things Sarasota, rest assured that there is…

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1. Siesta Key Beach

Visit Siesta Key Beach: Siesta Key Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sarasota, known for its soft, powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is free to visit and offers plenty of amenities, including restrooms, showers, and picnic areas. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, or take a walk along the shoreline to enjoy the beautiful views.

Things to do at Siesta Key Beach

1. Relax on the Beach The soft, white sand and clear water make it the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. With plenty of space and different areas to choose from, visitors can find the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Go Swimming Siesta Key Beach is renowned for its calm and warm water, making it an…

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Best Sarasota Beaches

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to the best Sarasota beaches. Sarasota has a handful of great amenities, but one of the most frequented and talked about amenities is its beaches. So let me tell you about 5 of the best Sarasota beaches! 


Longboat Key Beaches

This is a Longboat Key Beach access on Longboat Key! Longboat Key doesn’t have one main beach, instead, it has a handful of beach accesses with no amenities. But, many people love to frequent these quiet beaches because they have a secluded feel.  The beaches of Longboat Key are known for their soft white sand, clear blue water, and gentle waves. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities on the beaches, including swimming, sunbathing, fishing,…

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Sarasota's Waterfront Dining

Sarasota, Florida is full of waterfront dining. The best part? Most of the dining is made up of local restaurants and owners; and as for the chains? Well, they’re delicious too. Many of these Sarasota waterfront restaurants feature fresh seafood, tropical vibes, sunset views, salty air seating, and offer one of a kind environments. Because, can anyone really compete with the Sarasota Bay? Enjoy a casual bite at Sharky’s on the Pier in Venice, dine upscale at Ophelia’s on the Bay on Siesta Key, or enjoy a date night at Dry Dock Waterfront Grill on Longboat Key.

You’ll find that my guide to Sarasota’s Best Waterfront Restaurants takes you beyond Sarasota and into the surrounding areas… because fresh seafood and salty…

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