Welcome to the 2023 Market Update for Sarasota real estate market! Today, we'll dive into the latest numbers and trends shaping the housing landscape in this vibrant Florida region. From closed sales and inventory fluctuations to surprising price developments, we'll unpack the intriguing dynamics that make Sarasota a unique and compelling market. Whether you're a northerner, westerner, Floridian, or someone considering a move to this beautiful area, our in-depth analysis will provide valuable insights into the present-day market conditions. So, let's explore the exciting world of Sarasota's real estate.

Understanding Sarasota's Unique Divisions

Sarasota is a captivating blend of diverse neighborhoods with unique charm and influence…

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All About Palmer Ranch Sarasota

1. What is Palmer Ranch?

2. Where is Palmer Ranch?

3. Why do people want to live in Palmer Ranch?

4. What are your real estate options in Palmer Ranch?

Answering these 4 questions, will help give you a feel for what Palmer Ranch Sarasota is all about. As a local real estate agent, I enjoy educating my clients on all Sarasota has to offer when it comes to find the right area to live in, and the right home! For questions on Palmer Ranch real estate or Sarasota real estate, reach out! Call or text Matt at 941-356-5377 or email Matt at Matt@MattLeicht.com.


What is Palmer Ranch Sarasota?

Palmer Ranch is a residential area of Sarasota made up of 40 neighborhoods (and more going up). With around 20,000…

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Real Estate Investing

Hey Matt, the market seems good... how should I go about investing in real estate?

Well, this is actually a pretty complex question. See there are a lot of different answers and opinions when it comes to cap rates, interest rates, pulling money out of the stock market, and more. But there are a couple of things that DON’T change when it comes to investing in real estate and these are the different models of ways you can get a return on your money in real estate. Now, hear me say there are more models of ways to make money in real estate investing, but today, I'm talking about three of the ways. I'd love for you to check out the video below or you can read it on the blog below the video. 

Real Estate Investment Models

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Florida Closing Costs

How much are closing costs in Florida? I get asked this question from my clients quite a bit, so I’m going to guide you through about how much you’ll pay in closing costs whether you’re buying or selling a property here in Florida.

Closing costs are sometimes forgotten in the hype of picking out a home or moving on from one. But it’s important for you to budget in closing costs before making a decision to buy or sell a home, because you will have to pay them one way or another! Watch my video below or read the blog to learn all about closing costs in Florida!


Buyer Closing Costs in Florida

There are a few different things that go into a closing cost for a Buyer here in Florida.

Title Insurance


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New Homes in Sarasota - 2021

Sarasota is filled with beautiful real estate; new homes are hitting the market on the daily. But one thing that’s really popping in the Sarasota real estate industry is NEW CONSTRUCTION.

Open floorplans, large outdoor entertaining spaces, new pools, open kitchens with big islands, and high ceilings are making their trends throughout the new construction space in Sarasota. Not only that, but AMENITIES. A lot of the Sarasota new construction neighborhoods are big on amenities. And I’m not just talking a community pool. We’re seeing dog parks, pickleball, tennis, tiki bars, fitness centers, spas, soccer fields, and more. And yes, these things are right WITHIN the neighborhoods themselves.

For those of you looking to…

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Moving To Florida 2021

If you’re thinking about moving to Florida in 2021, this one’s for you! Moving is about more than the house you select. From homeowners insurance to mortgages, you’ll want to make sure you have the best information out there about what you need to know about moving to Florida in 2021.

Today I interviewed two of my local friends who I consider experts in their industries. Let’s see what they had to say about moving to Florida in 2021. Check out the video for all the details, or read the blog for some highlights!


Florida Homeowners Insurance 2021

I interviewed Nino Gancitano from All State Insurance. Nino is an insurance agent who has been in the industry since 2002.

What made homeowners insurance so hard to…

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Buying a New Construction Home

So, you’re looking into new construction I see. Maybe you’re wondering how the new construction home buying process works and how you fit into it. I want to answer some of the common questions for home Buyers looking to purchase new construction, as well as, give you some insight into some of the questions that probably haven’t come to mind.

A lot of people go into the new construction process blindly. In other words, they see sign on the side of the road for a model home, stroll on in, fall in love, and make a decision to buy it! While living on cloud 9 is pretty great, you’ll find yourself getting a much better price and experience when you’re educated on how it all works. In fact, I can give you some unbiased…

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Sarasota Lifestyle

Plenty of magazines and blogs list Sarasota, Florida as one of the best places to live, retire, raise a family, etc. But why? What is the hype about living in Sarasota, FL? Being in real estate, I see people relocating to Sarasota quite often. Working alongside many of them, I've learned their reasons behind the move. So, take a look at FIVE reasons people are living in Sarasota, FL.


1. Weather

It really doesn’t take a genius to know that we don’t get any snow here in South Florida. In fact, we have around 300 days of sunshine every year. Sarasota has an outdoor lifestyle...and with the sunshine, that outdoor lifestyle can be maintained all year long. Beaches, parks, exercise, and outdoor dining are enjoyed in the…

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An interview on COVID and Mortgages

Paula Switzer of Union Home Mortgage joins Matt Leicht to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the mortgage industry from a residential aspect. Paula has lived in the Sarasota area for 40 years and has been a local lender for 17 years. She has a strong background in financial institutions and worked in a real estate company for 10 years.  She covers loan forbearance and what mortgage interest rates are doing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the interview above for a full report, or check out some tidbits below of our interview.

1:25 - How has COVID-19 affected the mortgage industry?

“Mortgage lenders are busy, busy, busy! Rates have dropped, so everyone out there with a current existing…

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COVID and Real Estate

I have had many people reach out to me the last few weeks with this question, and I am honored that many would value and trust my opinion on the matter. While there is no magic “crystal ball” to predict the future, we can look back on the past and find similarities and differences. These facts may help us predict what is to come in the future. I recently came across an article on “Keeping Current Matters” that has a great breakdown on the difference between the 2008 housing crash and our current 2020 pandemic.

See, in 2008 we faced a housing crisis. Today we face a pandemic. Yes, the pandemic will have an affect on the economy, but I do not believe we will see the same thing with the housing market that we did in 2008.

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