Hurricane Ian and the Impact on the Sarasota Real Estate Market

A few weeks ago we had one of the largest storms on record come through southwest Florida, Hurricane Ian. Some areas of the southwest coast were hardly affected, while others are completely devastated.
I know many of you are curious about what impact Hurricane Ian will have on the real estate market here in Sarasota. I think the aftermath of hurricane Ian is going to slow the real estate market in the short term, but certainly not in the long term. Humans seem to be blessed and cursed with short-term memory. While locals are currently experiencing a very emotional experience from the storm, people relocating may not be. They will watch the news, check out a few youtube videos, and…

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Best Place to Live in Sarasota - West of the Trail

Best Place to Live in Sarasota - West of the Trail

In this blog, I’m going to show you around West of the Trail. What kind of real estate you can find, the lifestyle it offers, and some of the best amenities in the area. I’m not going to teach you EVERYTHING, because it’s just. Not. possible. And we’re also NOT talking pricing because that fluctuates. But, for up-to-date pricing in the area and neighborhoods, jump over to my website where you can see active listings for specific properties and neighborhoods. Let’s get started!

I’m defining West of the Trail as West of Tamiami Trail, South of Bahia Vista, and North of Beneva. It runs right along the West coast of Sarasota. Keep in…

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