Waterside Lakewood Ranch

Waterside Lakewood Ranch is an area or village within Lakewood Ranch. Then within Waterside, there are numerous neighborhoods. These new construction Lakewood Ranch neighborhoods broke ground anywhere between 2017 and 2024.

The area of Lakewood Ranch is all East of I-75. Starting up North at State Road 64, the area makes its way South to University Parkway, and is all considered Manatee County. However, Waterside is the first Lakewood Ranch village that is in Sarasota County. It is further South than most Lakewood Ranch neighborhoods, and is located off Lorraine Rd, North of Fruitville Rd and South of University Parkway. Click to read more about Waterside Lakewood Ranch

Waterside Lakewood Ranch Listings

Waterside at Lakewood Ranch

Waterside has a few main features setting it apart from other Lakewood Ranch villages. For starters, the lakes. Seven beautiful huge lakes set the tone for the neighborhoods. These new homes  are built around these lakes, with homesites overlooking them. To put it into perspective, these expansive water views make up 20 miles of shoreline. Another standout feature is the location of Waterside. Its location remains unique for those looking to reside further South, or within Sarasota County. But, the main feature setting Waterside apart is its proximity to Waterside Place. Waterside Place is the hub of Waterside, offering shopping, dining, businesses, and entertainment to the area. The neighborhoods of Waterside Lakewood Ranch are even within walking and biking distance to Waterside Place. This central hub really offers an element of community to the area.

The real estate within Waterside holds quite the assortment. From townhomes, to attached villas, to single family homes, to luxury homes, and even custom homes. Waterside’s new construction neighborhoods each boast their own amenities, builders, and home styles. There are several builders contributing to this area. Among the different villages, builders include, John Cannon Homes, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Lee Wetherington Homes, Homes by Towne, Neal Signature Homes, Stock Luxury, David Weekly, MI Homes, Anchor Builders, and Pulte/Divosta. Between these builders, you’ll find home selections that range from fully custom, to semi-custom, to fully completed inventory homes. The builders, the architecture, the floor plans, the amenities, and the styles will vary from village to village within Waterside Lakewood Ranch.

Waterside Place

Waterside Place is the first lakefront shopping destination making its home here in Sarasota, Florida. Though Waterside Place is a public attraction, it resides within the Waterside community. It offers the residents of Waterside Lakewood Ranch a nearby hub for entertainment, or as Lakewood Ranch natives call it… a “town center.” Shopping, dining, and everyday businesses and services make up Waterside Place. But, it also has outdoor amenities like sand volleyball courts, a walking path, a playground, splash park, a boardwalk, and scenic views of Kingfisher Lake.

Waterside Place overlooks the stunning Kingfisher Lake. Some Waterside neighborhoods also share access to this lake with homesites along the shoreline. This lake will also be home to a water taxi, taking residents to and from Waterside Place. This water taxi is one of the most unique amenities you will see across Sarasota.

Waterside Place also offers great entertainment to the area. It hosts events such as live music, jazzercise, yoga, and volleyball meetups. Even more popular is its weekly farmers market, featuring over 100 vendors! Waterside Place is also home to Ranch Nites, a weekly night market offering food trucks and live music.

About Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is the #1 multigenerational community in the United States. If you’re familiar with the Sarasota area, you’re likely familiar with Lakewood Ranch. It has over two dozen neighborhoods or as Lakewood Ranch calls them, “villages.” Each of these villages in Lakewood Ranch is unique with its own neighborhood amenities and homes. Lakewood Ranch is also known for being a master planned community that prioritizes community events, parks, and nature preserves. One of the reasons Lakewood Ranch remains wildly popular is the areas natural beauty and outdoor emphasis.

Waterside Lakewood Ranch Neighborhoods

Living in Waterside Lakewood Ranch clearly has its perks. With a lot of neighborhoods to choose from and a variety of home styles and builders, calling this area “home” feels like the right choice for many. While the neighborhoods offer differences in their home styles, builders, and amenities, they share commonality of lakefront homes, nature preserves, walking paths and trails, and their connection to Waterside Place. The villages of Waterside include, Lakehouse Cove at Waterside, Shoreview at Waterside, Wild Blue at Waterside, The Alcove at Waterside, Kingfisher Estates at Waterside, Shellstone at Waterside, Emerald Landing at Waterside, Avanti at Waterside, and Natique at Waterside.

Lakehouse Cove at Waterside

Lakehouse Cove at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family, 1,625-5,000 SF, 626 homes in Lakehouse Cove

Builders: Homes by Towne, AR Homes by Arthur Rutenberg, Lee Wetherington Homes

Amenities: Pickleball, event lawn, dock/kayak launch, playground, bocce ball, clubhouse, fitness center, resort style pool, fire pit, dog park, lifestyle director, maintenance free

Shoreview at Waterside

Shoreview at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family, 2,007-4,000+ SF, 301 homes in Shoreview

Builder: Pulte Homes

Amenities: Tennis, pickleball, kayak launch, multi-purpose turf lawn, lakefront sandy beach, clubhouse, fitness center, resort style pool, fire pit, maintenance free

Wild Blue at Waterside

Wild Blue at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family, 2,400-4,400 SF, 505 homes in Wild Blue

Builders: Stock Luxury/Custom, AR Homes by Arthur Rutenberg, John Cannon Homes, Anchor Builders

Amenities: Tennis, pickleball, clubhouse, resort style pool, fitness center, lifestyle director, dog park, playground, kayak launch, bar and restaurant, maintenance free

The Alcove at Waterside

The Alcove at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family, 2,426-3,334 SF, 47 homes in the Alcove

Builders: Neal Signature Homes

Amenities: Kayak launch, maintenance free

Kingfisher Estates at Waterside

Kingfisher Estates at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family Homes, 13 homes in Kingfisher Estates

Builder: John Cannon Homes

Amenities: Exclusive neighborhood with only 13 waterfront homesites

Shellstone at Waterside

Shellstone at Waterside homes for sale.

Information on Shellstone at Waterside coming soon.

Emerald Landing at Waterside

Emerald Landing at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family Homes, Townhomes

Builder: David Weekly

Amenities: Resort style pool, dog park, tennis, maintenance free

Avanti at Waterside

Avanti at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Attached Villas

Builder: Pulte Homes

Amenities: More information on Avanti at Waterside coming soon.

Natique at Waterside

Natique at Waterside homes for sale.

Homes: Single Family Homes, Townhomes

Builders: MI Homes

Amenities: Resort style pool, dog park, playground, pickleball